When you are testing the functionality of a DAS client, it is helpful to have a checklist. This is especially important when you are testing a new GNU/Linux distribution or Unix OS with the DAS. Use the checklist to make sure that it is configured correctly and working properly.

Four Scenarios

Given an existing DAS user (e.g. "kitty"), you should test the following four scenarios:

For the last two scenarios, consider stopping the nscd service.


  1. Can a locally defined user login?
  2. Can "root" login?
  3. Will the host boot up correctly?
  4. DAS user (user) login at console (good + bad passwords)
  5. User login via SSH
  6. User login via gFTP with SFTP
  7. User login through GDM or equivalent (graphical login screen)
  8. Screensaver unlock by user (GUI environment)
  9. User changes password with kpasswd
  10. Local root user su - kitty, attempts to change kitty's password
  11. getent test
  12. ypcat test and other yp commands
  13. Send e-mail between DAS users, between non-DAS users, and between DAS and non-DAS users (same host)
  14. As the root user, do the following:
  15. cron jobs and at jobs for DAS users
  16. check quota support for DAS users, including the use of repquota, quota, setquota, and edquota

Additional Tests

You may also want to test the following items with DAS users:

  1. Test with and without firewall/packetfilter enabled
  2. DAS user account expiration
  3. POSIX ACLs with DAS users
  4. Automatic creation of home directories for DAS users (when enabled)
  5. SSO programs like Kerberized rlogin, rsh, rcp, ftp, telnet - connect to an app server